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Continuous Improvement System

Kilardar Continuous Improvement System, which has features such as instant monitoring of the temperature and humidity values of the environment and cabinets of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, making critical alarm notifications, reporting and making suggestions for continuous improvement thanks to the performance monitor, is an ultra-low (-270 °) system. C) and ultra high (+ 1300 ° C), it works to keep medical supplies that are critical to protect safe.

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Production Tracking and Reporting System

Monitoring the working status of computer-controlled machines in the factory in real time, instantly monitoring malfunctions and stops, minimizing stoppages and losses in production processes, increasing efficiency and equipment efficiency in production, monitoring the time and time of production of the manufactured products and semi-products, Gemba Production Monitoring and Reporting System has been developed to determine and support total quality management.

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Fault Monitoring and Management System

"If you can't measure, you can't manage!" Thanks to the Informed Fault Monitoring and Notification System, which we developed with the slogan, we challenge all unplanned downtime that affect efficiency in production for our SMEs. We aim to reduce loss and waste in production. With its easy-to-integrate SaaS structure, Haberdar will be an important building block in industrial production and will continue to offer security solutions.

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